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Vaso Liscio Doppio Bordo

  diametro altezza peso  
Item* Diam. Height Weight Qty (max plt)
VL60 70  55 39 10
VL65 75  59 43 9
VL70 80 63 52 8
VL80 90  72 70 7
VL90 100  81 110 5
VL100 110 90 140 5

* Item number refers to the inner diameter (example: VL60 inner diameter 60cm. outer diameter 70 cm.)


Finishing available in

  • Petroio’s clay

    Petroio’s clay

    This clay is extracted and grinded nearby Petroio, our little village. Its distinctive pinkish color is typical of the Tuscan terrecotte. The terrecotte which are made of this clay are cooked at 990 C° for 27 hours. This procedure guarantees a very good ice resistance.
  • Scratched galestro

    Scratched galestro

    This clay is taken from the near Mountain Amiata’s caves and it is perfect for those who love a rustic style. The products made of this clay are entirely handmade so that a very long duration is guaranteed.
  • Etruscan black

    Etruscan black

    The Petroio’s clay is the raw material used to create this type of old-looking pot which is treated with specific products before being cooked. These products confer this particular color to the vases.



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